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A lot of us urban dwellers don’t have the luxury of lots of space in our homes. So we are often confronted with making the most of the space we have, with the bedroom being one of the trickiest spaces to work with. Whether your small bedroom is part of a one bed studio or a second guest bedroom, we have 5 top tips for the best use of your space without compromising on style. Boconcept Sydney takes from the essence of scandinavian design where quality and beautiful design are married with practical space saving solutions.

1. Beds are for storage too


Normally we think of beds simply for lying on but they are brilliant space savers too. The Lugano storage bed offers ample space for bedroom items, cleverly hiding any mess away underneath the bed. Fully customisable, you can personalise the bed to suit your decor and choose from oak, walnut, timber, white, fabric or leather as well as a range of attachable bedside tables.


2. Mirror mirror on the wall


An oh-so-easy way to expand the sense of light and open up a tiny bedroom is to place a mirror over your bed head on the wall or across from your window. The idea is to catch any light that’s already in the room and create a vision of more space. The Tone mirror comes in trendy copper and is the perfect addition to amp up the sense of space in your room.

3. Wall storage


Hanging shelving on your bedroom walls helps create a point of focus in the room as well as a being a practical way to store books and other bedroom items. The Como bookcase, is a great little addition to any small bedroom. It’s subtle lines and quality finish offer an ideal storage solution. You can also re-style the look whenever you like – bringing in new items whenever you feel like a change!

4. Chest of drawers


Every bedroom needs a good chest of drawers. The key is to go high and not too wide to make it work in a smaller bedroom space. The Lugano chest is our top pick for a small floor space area. Pictured here in matt lacquered white and lacquered oak, the addition of legs means that light and space flow underneath the chest, blending it with the rest of the components in the room.


5. Lighten up


Whatever colours you go for in the room, make sure they are mostly light to help create a sense of space. You can still maintain a cosy feel by introducing a range of textures, smooth, soft or chunky. Choose a rug to go beside or at the end of your bed which will keep your toes warm getting dressed on a chilly wintery morning. The Triantan rug is the ideal choice, it’s gorgeous design in pastel tones will help open up the space while keeping a fresh geometric vibe in your bedroom.

You can buy any of these items at either of Boconcept Sydney furniture stores in Moore Park’s Supa Centre and Crows Nest.

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