4 Tips when buying a TV unit

By on 11-08-2016 in Shop There, Small Apartment Ideas

Gone are the days where the focal point of most lounge areas is the fireplace, instead it’s the TV where we can snuggle in and buckle down to watch our favourite Netflix TV series or a movie with our loved ones. In most living rooms, we center everything around the entertainment or TV unit wherever the TV sits and although technology is no where near as charming to look at as a fireplace, there are some beautifully made and designed TV units available that can house your DVD collection, books, ornaments and plants, not just the TV.

To ensure your TV unit fulfills your needs on a functional level as well as being a harmonious piece of design that adds to the aesthetics of your space, its worthwhile to take these 4 things into consideration.

Measure up

BoConcept Lugano wall mounted tv unit

Firstly, assess your space and make sure you know exactly the size of the area you have to work with before you go out and begin hunting for a TV unit. Consider allowing a little space at the back of your unit for plugging in your devices without any hassle and also allow enough space around the outer edges to allow for people walking by. The last thing you want is to spend a large amount of money on a TV unit you love only to realize that when you get it home, it’s not the right size for your space!



BoConcept Lugano base tv unit white

If you’ve got kids, or you’re a techno gadget collector and have lots of electrical media devices lying around, you’re going to want to have decent storage space in your TV to hide away all the mess and clutter. So think about what you have that you’d rather put away out of sight and how much storage you TV unit requires. BoConcept’s TV units are all designed to carefully hide unsightly cables from your devices, so that they are completely hidden away. The Lugano wall unit, can be an entire customized wall storage system incorporating a space for your TV or a simpler entertainment unit, offering a place for your TV to rest on as well offering ample storage beneath. It comes with the option of drop down customizable doors, in built speakers and is available in a range of beautiful finishes.


Modern Design

BoConcept Fermo TV unit

Consider the style of your home – think about the visual aspects of your TV unit and how you want it to sit with the rest of your furniture pieces. Do you want your unit to have legs like the Fermo TV unit, which will give a roomier feel to a smaller space. Or maybe in a darker room, your priority is reflecting light back into the room, in which case opting for a white lacquered finish would be ideal, with or without legs. Or you might prefer a more earthy, retro tone and choose a walnut veneer with wooden oak legs or a combination of either of the above? With the Lugano you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to customisation.



BoConcept Lugano TV unit speaker

Where you position your TV unit is a key factor you should consider because you want the centre of your screen to be more or less at eye level and you don’t want to be sitting too close. So before you get your credit card out, sit on your sofa at home and take notes on where you want the screen to be, which will determine the height of the unit you need. If you’re limited by a small space, then you don’t want your unit to be too deep so take a note of this measurement too, remembering to allow for additional space at the back for plugging your devices in and out of the wall sockets.

To view the full range of TV units at BoConcept, visit one of their stores in Moore Park’s Supa Centa or Crows Nest and speak with an experienced Interior Designer in store to learn how you can customize your own TV unit. Or for more details about any of their products, visit www.bonconcept.com.au

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