13 Bedrooms to Inspire You

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The mornings & evenings are cold and dark, the heater is turned up, and I want nothing more than layers of blankets, loads of cushions and lazy mornings in bed.  Winter is the season for updating the bedroom, I know this for a fact, as at Beyond Furniture, bedroom furniture sales are always highest in June/July.  It seems everyone want to re-vamp their cocoon this time of year, so I have gathered up some bedroom inspiration.  I tend to favour modern monochrome, however for varieties sake, I have tried to mix it up a little (I did say a little!).


Fabric Beds & Bedheads

Fabric beds are my favourite, they are perfect for master bedrooms, the fabric headboard provides instant definition, and you can choose a fabric you love.  Fabric headboards are comfortable to lean against, soften the overall look  (ideal for bedrooms) and are the perfect way to add texture.  I also love them as I love plain white bedding, a fabric bed brings the visual interest so I can team with plain white sheets.





To brighten up black and white, orange always adds some zing! I love the unexpected print, you could create something similar with a photo on canvas, the mix of patterns in the scatter cushions is also adding vibrancy, and to clear valuable bedside space, consider wall pendants or even floor lamps.





In this room, the versatile cream bed is simply styled, the hanging fabric panels behind the bed bring the drama.  The patterned fabric has simply been hung from curtain rods that are mounted to the wall, the result is quite stunning and could be created quite easily and inexpensively.  I also love the side table, for something similar, try this.





This room has a more classic formalness to it, created via the scale of the bedside lamps, the symmetry and the way the scatter cushions are styled.  The doubled up artwork brings the drama, the print itself is quite chaotic and bold and brings an energy into the room.  If you wanted something a little calmer, this room would be very serene if you switched those prints for something with softer tones and a softer pattern and just had one artwork centred above the bed.

My top pick for fabric bed is our Linea bed, its clean modern design is uncluttered and nicely forms the base for any bedroom style or colour scheme.  It also features a removable cover, so, theoretically you could order multiple covers and change up your look to suit.  I would be going for one in the navy blue wool as it is a little luxe, yet practical and perfect for winter, and one in a light grey textured fabric, for a brighter summer look.



White Beds





Black and white minimalist – why do I love it so much? It’s clean, fresh and simple, I would love my whole house to be this way, but that’s just me, I do think it’s a wonderful bedroom style however as your bedroom should be an oasis.  Bedrooms are where you go to recharge, relax and rebuild.  We all know there is a science to colour, and different colours bring on different emotions and feelings, so what does black and white do? No feelings? Well yes, but that’s not such a bad thing, it’s neutral, clear, allows your mind to go where it needs to go.  And black and white as a combo? That can depend on the style (could go mod, bold & graphic, daring, calming etc), but often it gives a sense of order, organisation and calmness, perfect for a bedroom!

So in this predominately white bedroom, it’s simple, open and breezy, the black accents bring definition and grounding.  Note that the room avoids being dull through texture, the bricks, the soft timber and the linens.  If this is your kind of bedroom look, try out the wave bed in white, the perfect design to layer your white’s on to!





And in this room, same colours, opposite effect, it is warm and ‘cocoony’.  Again it’s texture that brings the interest to the space, the concrete effect walls, the furry throw, the rug and the timber floors.  And whilst this bed is officially fabric (leather even?), for a similar style, check out the Cassetti bed in white.


Modern, Masculine, Cool





Sleek & Paired back, but still inviting thanks to the oversized textured cushions. The angled lines of the ottoman, the bed and the lamps give this room its sharp look, the charcoal bed, camel cushions and chrome feature light lend it a masculine feel.  If this is your preferred abode style, try the Cassetti in grey or the Antonio.


Inspired by our Customers

And to keep the inspiration flowing, here are some shots of our beds in customers homes…


1. The simple and sleek Wave bed in gloss white for a sunny beach side home.  Paired with the Hula Side Tables, and Country Road linen.


2. Same bed, this time with an inner city urban glam thanks to the textured grey & black bedding, and Kartell lamps.  Here the wave is paired with the Blocco bedsides and a Maya mirror stand.


3. The Wave bed in walnut black is simply styled resulting in a peaceful and relaxing room. The touches of blue add some colour, and a beachy vibe.


4. The Cassetti bed in gloss white is warmed up with golden tones and metallics. This setting, with the cassetti bedsides maximises storage, the large Contempo mirror leaning on the wall is functional, and also helps the room to appear larger (and bounces light around), this combination is perfect for a small bedroom or a guest bedroom.


5. Same bed, different style.  Here the Cassetti in gloss dark grey creates a simple room with attitude, teamed with the grey textured feature wall and crisp white linens the room is modern & masculine, yet inviting.


6. And in this room, we can see that Beige is anything but boring! Classic styling through symmetry and luxe elements including embroided feature cushions, elegant lamps, fresh flowers and framed artworks give this master suite its luxurious sense, the soft colour tones make it very calm.  In this room, the customer has used the Vinci bed in beige wool, trevi side tables, Pattino shoe cabinet and the Ventura round mirror.

 + Bedroom Essentials, my picks & where to go…


My favourite options for bedding and throw cushions are Country Road, Sheridan always has a great range of classic options too.  For something a little out there and fun try Urban Outfitter’s (although be aware of US bed sizes – they are different to ours).


For a long time I sold mattresses to others at Beyond Furniture, than it came time for me to get a new one, so I bought one, and it changed my life (in a good way!).

The Pro’s: it will change your life, I wasn’t sleeping badly, but as it turns out, you can sleep better.  I was in a situation where I needed a new mattress after moving house, and thought I may as well get one of the ‘fancy’ ones from work.  Having been selling the mattress, I knew its benefits (but kind of felt that the benefits were more relevant ‘later in life’), and that for someone with no sleeping issues, no pains, no complaints it would just be another mattress.  Turns out it resulted in falling asleep faster & deeper sleeps (and all the benefits that go along with that), but surprisingly also eliminated my partner’s hayfever symptoms, and helped with faster muscle recovery after sport.

The Con’s: I now have trouble sleeping elsewhere (hotels, friend’s places, the sofa, everywhere) – consider yourself warned!

For more info click here


If you don’t need the storage, look at side tables instead of bedsides, there is more versatility in height options, sizes, round or square, small, large etc; and they can look a lot more stylish than your average chest of drawers beside the bed.


Full height mirrors are essential; if you don’t have one built in, than find a free standing one or mount one to the back of your door.  If you have the room, an oversized framed mirror leaning against the wall looks fantastic.


My dream space:

The black, the white, the canopy bed, the pendants… maybe one day!





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